Here are some 4K screenshots from Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Ultra with official HD Texture Pack

As we’ve already reported, Warhorse Studios has released a new high-resolution Texture Pack for the PC version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Therefore, we’ve decided to capture some screenshots in 4K with all of the game’s bells and whistles enabled. This is the best you’ll achieve – visually – in Kingdom Come: Deliverance without using any graphics mods.

As you will immediately notice, the new high-resolution textures are not that impressive. In fact, it’s really hard distinguishing the visual improvements between the vanilla textures and these new high-resolution ones. So, those unable to run them – due to VRAM limitations – will not miss much, if anything at all.

Ultimately, if you want better visuals, you’ll simply have to wait for some mods. Naturally, such mods will increase the game’s already high GPU requirements. There are some mods that can improve its visuals – like Volumetric Fog (though that’s debatable whether the game looks better without it), Ambient Occlusion Fix and Enable shadows on all lights – however we haven’t seen anything mind-blowing yet.

There are also some Reshade presets you can use, though this comes down to personal preference.

Bottom line is that this official high-resolution Texture Pack is not that great, so here is hoping that some modders will release custom HD Texture Packs (ideally with photogrammetry textures) for it!