This mod significantly improves the ambient occlusion effects in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Modder ‘bravo16mt’ has released a new mod for Kingdom Come: Deliverance that greatly improves its ambient occlusion effects. This mod, called Ambient Occlusion Fix, makes ambient occlusion more noticeable, thus making most of the environments feel less flat and more realistic.

This mod also makes Rim Light less shiny, reduces textures overbright effect, has been tweaked for SVOTI (and packs some SSDO tweaks) and does not bring any additional performance hit.

In order to showcase the newly improved ambient occlusion effects, the modder released some comparison screenshots that you can view below. The vanilla version is on the left and the modded version is on the right.

Those interested can download the mod from here. And here is how you can install it.

  • 1. a) (Steam): Add “+exec user.cfg” command into Steam, by “Set Launch Options”  – (without quotes).
    or, b) (other than Steam): Add “+exec user.cfg”  into game shortcut – (at the end of line, without quotes).
  •  2. Download, and unpack “Ambient_Occlusion_Fix_user“. 
  •  3. Put user.cfg (file) into Your main Kingdom Come: Deliverance dir – same folder, where Data and Engine folders are.