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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Unofficial Patch 0.9.1 released & detailed

Team Pyjak has released a brand new unofficial patch for Mass Effect 2 Remaster that’s included in the Legendary Edition Trilogy. This unofficial patch brings numerous fixes, tweaks and additions, and below you can also find its complete changelog.

Going into more details, Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Unofficial Patch 0.9.1 fixes a number of typos. Moreover, it now properly renders flashbang Grenade VFX at 1080p. Additionally, it standardizes resolution and framerate of screens and holograms throughout the game.

You can download this unofficial patch from here. As said, this patch is only for the second Mass Effect game. You can find similar patches for Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 3 here and here, respectively.

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Unofficial Patch 0.9.1 Release Notes

Citadel Hub
  • Dark Star Advertisement actors will no longer turn their backs to the camera under certain circumstances.
Illium Hub
  • Bar owner’s reaction to Conrad Verner adjusted for consistency with ambient dialogue (0.9 bugfix).
Omega Hub
  • Further fixes to missing props and misaligned light sources.
Tuchanka Hub
  • Guards near the landing pad have guns correctly attached.
  • Racht’s comments about Urz following Shepard will fire at appropriate times.
  • Ambient audio from the Krogan tussling on the upper level with only fire when those Krogan are present.
  • Enabled additional bugged streaming state in the medical centre.
Normandy Hub
  • Additional prop corrections in the Kitchen/Medbay area.
  • Tali’s line about upgraded shields will now trigger correctly.
  • Jack’s comment about the fate of the Collector Base will trigger consistently.
  • Fixed crash to desktop when talking to Jack (French language only, 0.9 bugfix)
  • Grunt’s comment about the fate of the Collector Base will only trigger once.
  • Fixed misaligned camera angles during EDI’s exposition about Cerberus’ resources and structure.
  • Researching Probes and Fuel upgrades will no longer be inverted on the hologram in the CIC.
  • Disco chair in the bar area now consistently rainbow-coloured.
  • Removed datapad incorrectly added to Zaeed’s quarters (0.9 bugfix).
  • Glass and wood reflections now rendered in 2k in line with reflections elsewhere in the game.
  • Ashley’s hair will no longer clip through her helmet
  • Cerberus scientist will not rise from the grave after being killed by a mech (0.9 bugfix)
Freedom’s Progress
  • Restored missing junk at the shuttle landing site.
Collector Ship
  • M-98 Widow image will display correctly on the mission results screen.
  • Further corrections to audio filters and camera angles when EDI reveals the fate of the protheans (English and Italian language only, 0.9 bugfix)
Suicide Mission
  • Fixed possible softlock if Samara is not in the party (0.9 bugfix)
  • Correction to material used by the damaged Normandy in when picking up Shepard (0.9 bugfix).
Recruitment Missions
  • [Garrus] Additional corrections to props, architecture, lighting channels, blocking volumes, wrongly assigned materials, streaming corrections to fix vistas, unlit NPCs and NPC pop-in.
  • [Garrus] Dialogue wheel will not refer to Morinth instead of Mordin when choosing a squadmate to defend Garrus (French only).
  • [Mordin] Restored alternate debrief line from Jacob if Mordin is recruited last.
Loyalty Misisons
  • [Jack] Two-way mirror reflections rendered at 2k in line with reflections elsewhere in the game.
  • [Jacob] Lighting corrections during debrief scene.
  • [Legion] Post-loyalty mission dialogue no longer allows inconsistent progression of Legion’s regular conversation track (in line with other squadmates)
  • [Miranda] Correction to floating datapad screen.
  • [Samara] If not in the squad, Samara will leave Diana’s apartment, as she says she will, to meet Shepard at Afterlife.
  • [Samara] Fixed autosave so that Samara does not need to be approached before entering the club.
  • [Thane] Thane’s lines will not be subtitled as “Shepard” at the end of the catwalk sequence.
  • [Thane] Corrections to floating and clipping props, missing datapad screens, and additional NPC materials corrections.
  • [Zaeed] Corrections to floating and poorly lit props.
  • [Zaeed]Fixed flames appearing before the explosion during the first confrontation with Vido.
N7 Missions
  • [Abandoned Mine] Missing datapad screen restored.
  • [Blue Suns Base] Corrected position of sinking corpse.
  • [Blood Pack Base] Fixed missing lighting channels on datapads.
  • [Hahne-Kedar Facility] Fixed more sunken corpses.
  • [Imminent Ship Crash] Fixed sunken corpses and ensured their heads did not blink in and out of existence on approach.
  • [Strontium Mule] Fixed floating computer consoles and datapads and misaligned medigel dispensers.
  • [Wrecked Merchant Freighter] Corrections to floating and poorly lit props.
Overlord DLC
  • Corpse no longer stuck in a wall.
Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC
  • Corrections to numerous floating and clipping props and screenless datapads in Liara’s apartment.
  • Sekat no longer changes appearance after death.
  • Prevented non-English localisations from skipping sections of the cutscene following the Shadow Broker’s defeat.
  • All of Liara’s facial animations and sound effects will now play correctly when playing as Female Shepard.
  • Non-English subtitles will no longer break when zooming into or moving to the next surveillance video.
  • Music from the Shadow Broker’s ship will not play during Liara’s cabin visit.
Arrival DLC
  • Corrected subtitled speaker names during the final evacuation at the comm relay.
  • Corrected poorly-fitted windows.
Project Firewalker DLC
  • Medigel dispenser alignment issues fixed on Zeona.
  • Default Male Shepard’s neckline will no longer clip with the Capacitor Armor torso.
  • Standardised resolution and framerate of screens and holograms throughout the game, to meet Legendary Edition remaster defaults.
  • Corrections to the material used by Ashley’s hair (0.9 bugfix)
  • Flashbang Grenade VFX now rendered in 1080p.
  • Alliance Shuttle model is no longer incorrectly labelled the Kodiak UT-47.
  • Additional typos.
Omitted from 0.9 Changelog in Error
  • Corrections to broken floor materials and meshes during the Overlord DLC.
  • Grunt will now recall Shepard’s response to Uvenk during his loyalty mission, and respond accordingly after returning to the Normandy.

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