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Gotham Knigths gets a new 9GB Update, full patch release notes

Warner Bros has released a brand new update for the PC version of Gotham Knights. The November 7th Update is 9GB in size, and below you can find its complete changelog.

According to the release notes, this new patch re-designs the backup save system. Moreover, it brings GPU optimizations for Low and Medium quality presets.

The November 7th Update also upgrades FSR 2 to the newest version, version 2.1.2. Thus, FSR 2.1 can now provide a better image quality than its predecessor in this game.

For those wondering, this update does not fix the game’s framerate issues we’ve reported. Not only that, but Warner Bros has re-added the Denuvo anti-tamper tech.

Gotham Knights has major performance issues on PC

As always, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Gotham Knigths November 7th Update Release Notes

  • When dropping down from a ledge/beam, you will no longer jump forward
  • Changed the exe name to “GothamKnights.exe”
  • Updated FSR 2 to the newest version (2.1.2)
  • The Nvidia Freestyle can now be properly used
  • The backup save system has been redesigned
  • Save distinction functionality has been added, claimed DLCs are now stored in the save data
  • Fix for “flying cars” in co-op
  • GPU optimization for Low and Medium quality presets
  • Fixed Several UI and Input issues
  • Fixed Photo mode navigation issues
  • The game no longer crashes when joining a friend on Steam
  • The game no longer crashes when the player dismantles the currently equipped gear
  • Additional crash fixes
  • Server side update to help address co-op connection stability