Unreal Engine 4-powered ‘Caffeine’ Gets Final Pre-Release Demo

Incandescent Imaging’s Dylan has informed us about the release of the final pre-release demo for his upcoming Unreal Engine 4-powered game, Caffeine. As Dylan noted, the purpose of this final demo is to give all of you an early look at the atmosphere, visual style and the beginnings of the narrative.

Here are the key features of Caffeine’s final pre-release demo:

-Supports Windows 32-Bit & 64-Bit and Linux!
-Substantial performance increase from implementing level streaming.
-Various improvements to the physics based object interaction system.
-Based on Unreal Engine 4.4.1 (Full Oculus DK2 Support!).
-In-Game graphical settings.
-Crouching is now fixed.
-Some new background lore to find!
-A few other surprises.

Those interested can download the demo from here.