Lichdom: Battlemage – SLI Workaround Found, Offers Great Scaling

Xaviant’s first-person caster has been released and while we are in the middle of our Performance Analysis, we felt the need to share one of our findings. Lichdom: Battlemage is a GPU-bound title and requires a high-end GPU at max settings. Unfortunately the game does not come – at least at this moment – with SLI/Crossfire support, however there is a workaround to this issue.

All SLI owners will have to do is use Crysis 3’s SLI compatibility bits. Lichdom: Battlemage works perfectly with Crysis 3’s profile, though we did notice a micro-stuttering at the opening cut-scene.

Lichdom Battlemage SLI workaround

The good news is that Crysis 3’s profile offers great scaling on two GPU cores, therefore we highly suggest using it.

Naturally, you’ll need a third-party tool (Nvidia Inspector Tool) in order to make this change (in order to avoid miss-configurations, we suggest adding Lichdom: Battlemage’s executable file to Crysis 3’s profile).

Enjoy and stay tuned for our Performance Analysis!