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Ubisoft on PC gaming: “PC is the lead platform for innovation”, “more and more people realize how superior PC can be”

Now here is something really cool. Ubisoft has released a new video in which it praises PC gaming. In this video, some Ubisoft employees shared their thoughts on the advantage and the future of PC gaming.

Darko Supe, junior programmer, claimed that more and more people realize how superior PC can be (over other platforms like current-gen consoles).

Christophe Grandjean, UPLAY’s product manager, stated that for a lot of developers PC is the testing ground.

Olafur Waage, one of the programmers working at Ubisoft, said that he loves PC gaming because it fulfills the independence idea of “you do everything.

Veith Hellmich, account manager, said that PC is the lead platform in terms of innovation and that he prefers PC gaming due to the diversity of gamers, whether they are niche genres and specific mods created by the community. He concluded that there is a lot of stuff going on on the PC that you can’t find anywhere else.

Ubisoft concluded that it loves PC, so it will be interesting to see what the company will do with its future PC releases. Oh, and while we are at it Ubisoft… do remove Denuvo if and when your titles are cracked, will you? You know… given the fact that you love PC gaming!