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The Witcher 3 Won’t Feature Branching Stories, Grid-Based Inventory, No Auto-Scaling For Monsters

CD Projekt RED has unveiled some new interesting details about its upcoming highly anticipated RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. According to the company’s community managers, Marcin and Tadek, The Witcher 3 will not feature auto-scaling for monsters, meaning that players can face enemies that may very well kill them in their first hours if they wander to really dangerous places.

Moreover, The Witcher 3 won’t force gamers to complete quests under certain times. CD Projekt RED wants players to take their time and complete the game’s quests at their own pace, though there might be some plot twists that may require players to move a little bit faster.

The combat system of The Witcher 3 is based on the one found in The Witcher 2. CD Projekt RED took the best part of that combat system and tried to avoid all the mistakes it previously did. As a result of that, the dodge system has been enhanced. In The Witcher 3, players will be able to dodge, evade, roll and half pirouette.

Thankfully, CD Projekt RED has updated the game’s inventory system. Contrary to the one found in The Witcher 2, The Witcher 3 will feature a grid-based inventory system, and the company will reveal more details about it soon.

Last but not least, the game won’t feature branching stories similar to the second chapter of The Witcher 2. The second chapter of The Witcher 2 is considered one of the best chapters in the series (mainly because players had the choice to experience the same situation from completely different perspectives). Unfortunately – and while the game will feature choices and consequences, as well as ways to complete your quests by using your dialogue options – it won’t feature branching stories as CD Projekt RED wants players to experience the whole story without exceptions.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releases this February!