Surprise surprise: Dead Space 3 Is Out, EA Immediately Announces Its First DLC

Dead Space 3 v2
Well, we all saw it coming. Electronic Arts has announced that Dead Space 3 is currently available in North America (coming in Europe on February 8th) and in order to celebrate it, the publisher announced the game’s first DLC that will hit all platforms this March. Hooray.
In Dead Space 3 Awakened, players will experience the franchise’s darkest chapters as the Necromorph battles become even more gruesome and terrifying than ever before. The pack will be available in March on the PlayStation Network and PC via for $9.99 and Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 MS Points.
 Steve Papoutsis, Vice President and General Manager of Visceral Games and Executive Producer on Dead Space 3 said:
“With Dead Space 3 our goal was to evolve the franchise bringing in innovative new features like drop-in/drop-out co-op, weapon crafting, and an engaging atmosphere while still retaining the incredible suspense, horror, action and sound that the series is known for. Gamers are going to be thrown in and out of space, taken to a violent new ice planet and allowed to explore several different abandoned spaceships and caves. But we’re not stopping there. In Dead Space 3 Awakened, gamers will experience some of the most disturbing content they have ever seen in a Dead Space game – they are going to love it.”
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