Star Citizen Arena Commander 0.9 Out Now, New Commercial & Brochure Videos

Cloud Imperium has released a new update for the dogfighting module of its upcoming space sim, Star Citizen. In addition, the team has released two new videos from it, with one of them taking its cues from the humor and stunts you’ll find in the BBC’s Top Gear television program.

Here are the key features that are implemented in the new version of Star Citizen’s Arena Commander:

-Murray Cup Racing Mode: As shown at Gamescom, players can now race their pledge ships in a specially designed upper-atmospheric scenario!
-Vanduul Swarm Co-Op: Take on the alien hoards with a friend, or competitor!
-Flyable M50 and 350R: The M50 and the 350R have been readied for flight to kick off the race mode. These ships will now be flyable in all Arena Commander game modes.
-Friend Codes: We’re launching a code system for both private and public matches so you can connect with your wingmen.
-Updated Ship Performance: We’ve increased the speed and acceleration of every ship. With this we’ve also reworked the afterburner mechanic to increase acceleration instead of top speed.
-HUD Update: We’ve overhauled the usability of the visor HUD interface so you can customize your ships systems much more easily in flight.
-New Hangars: We’ve re-mastered all of Star Citizen’s Hangars with the new forward-looking room system and added the Asteroid Hangar.
-6DOF: With the improvements to the IFCS and flight physics we are now ready to introduce 6DOF movement for an entirely new way to fly.


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