Squadron 42 Mark Hamill

Squadron 42, Star Citizen’s single-player campaign, beta has been delayed by 12 weeks

Cloud Imperium has announced that Staggered Development is coming to both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. However, and due to this development model, the beta date for Squadron 42 has been delayed by 12 weeks.

In case you aren’t aware of, Staggered Development is an approach that splits the various development teams between multiple delivery dates. This puts teams into a cadence whereby they are delivering larger features every couple of quarters instead of every quarter. However, and due to their staggered nature, players would still receive an update every quarter.

Staggering the teams like this means 6-month cycles for development instead of 3. Ultimately, this means more time to ensure features are more complete with fewer bugs.

Now while on paper this sounds great, Cloud Imperium also announced that the beta phase for Squadron 42 is delayed. As the team noted, its target Beta date for Squadron 42 has moved back by 12 weeks. And while Cloud Imperium claims that this is a necessary step as a result of changing the overall development cadence, we are certain that it will disappoint a lot of gamers.

Squadron 42 was targeting a Q2 2020 for its beta phase. With this delay, however, we are looking at a Q3 2020. Not only that, but we are now most likely looking at a 2021 release for Squadron 42.

You can find more details about Star Citizen’s Staggered Development here.