Remedy will bring RTX improvements, Motion Blur option and better in-game map to Control

505 Games and Remedy have detailed the future patches that will be coming to their supernatural action adventure game, Control. According to the teams, this patch will bring RTX improvements, will add a Motion Blur option, and will enhance the in-game map.

Going into more details, Remedy will provide players with an ON/OFF toggle for Motion Blur and Film Grain. This setting will come to all platforms. Moreover, there will be some RTX improvements, though most RTX issues are resolved by using the latest Windows 10 version. Or at least that’s what the developers claimed. Here is hoping that Remedy will fix the awful stutters that are present when RTX is active.

Furthermore, Remedy is  working to improve how the in-game map loads. The new map will ensure that all the relevant info displays immediately and correctly, as it should.

Lastly, Remedy confirmed that a Photo Mode will be coming to Control. The team did not clarify when this mode will be available, or whether it will be part of the first patch that will come out soon.

Stay tuned for more!