WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate is coming to the PC in February 2020, first details revealed

KOEI Tecmo has announced WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate; the thrilling new entry to the popular 1 vs. 1,000 hack-and-slash series of games. The new game will be available in February 2020 as both a standalone title or as a special Upgrade Pack for those who already own the previous game. Moreover, the team released a new trailer for it that you can find below.

WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate features characters from DYNASTY WARRIORS, SAMURAI WARRIORS, and the gods of ancient history. All of them are joining together in an all-out fight against swarms of enemies as they seek answers to why they were reunited to battle in this mysterious new world. All-star characters and fan favorites from past KOEI TECMO games, like Joan of Arc, join the cast; boosting the number of playable characters from WARRIORS OROCHI 4’s staggering 170, to the eye-popping new count of 177. One of the most significant new characters is the Mother Earth goddess, Gaia, who now looks to unite the heroes in an effort to help save the world.

In addition, the game will feature some new storylines. Players will also discover the truth while unlocking the all-new True Ending to the saga.

Furthermore, the game will come with new game modes, including the multi-layered maps of Infinity Mode, and fantastical new magical abilities and Sacred Treasures. Thus, WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate promises to be the definitive experience of this game.


WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate - Teaser