Shadow Warrior Patch 1.5.0 Now Live – Adds DX11 Support, Packs Major Performance Optimizations

Flying Wild Hog has released a new patch for Shadow Warrior that adds DX11 support to its action-packed FPS title. In addition, this update features major performance optimizations for Mirror Effects and SSAO. This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can view its complete changelog below.

Shadow Warrior Patch 1.5.0 Changelog:

– Available for Windows Vista/7/8 and above.
– Added Mac OS X and Linux support.
– Added additional bossfights with Zilla in chapters 13 and 16.
– Added ingame artbook.
– Added DirectX 11 based graphics.
– Added optimization for 32 & 64-bit build.
– Added optimization for SSAO.
– Added optimization for Mirror Effects.
– Fixed many gameplay bugs and minor level bugs.
– Fixed minor bugs for pad controls.
– Fixed minor localization bugs.
– Fixed rare crash when using alt-tab.
– Fixed rare Gozu crash.
– Fixed saving weapon fx’s when using non standard katana.