Scorn – Atmospheric First-Person Horror Action Adventure Game – Revealed

RelyOnHorror has just revealed a new atmospheric first-person horror action-adventure game that is being developed by a 7-army team, called Scorn. Scorn is developed primarily for the PC, is currently powered by Unity 4 (though the team aims to move to Unity 5), and you can view below some alpha screenshots from it.

According to RelyOnHorror, Scorn will feature ‘unique mechanics in both gunplay and the world to make a coherent world to be explored and immersive experience.’

Ebb Software sent RelyOnHorror a number of alpha screenshots from a tech demo that the team created. The tech demo was pitched to some publishers and investors who refused to get behind this game. As Ebb Software claimed, publishers and investors told them that the game was too weird for mainstream appeal, it was single-player focused, and lacked hooks for the best way to monetize the project.

As a result of that, the team decided to sent over the following images (alongside some concept arts that can be found at RelyOnHorror) in order to see whether gamers would be interested in such a horror game.

Here is hoping that this exposure will give Ebb Software the means to re-pitch its project to other publishers.