Rumor Alert: Arkane Is Developing Prey 2 From The Scratch Using Dishonored’s Engine

Prey 2
Prey 2 fans, get ready for a treat. Kotaku has reported that Prey 2 is being rebooted by Arkane Austin, the development studio that made Dishonored. What’s interesting though is that some of Arkane’s employees do not want to develop such a title, something that feels natural as the development of Prey 2 was never Arkane’s intentions. 
Prey 2 fan-site, Alien Noire, has also reported that Arkane is developing Prey 2, that it will be made from the scratch and that it will be built on Dishonored’s engine.
Not only that, but according to the fan-site, Obsidian was working on Prey 2 at one point, while Rebellion turned down Bethesda’s offer to make this sci-fi shooter.
Prey 2’s development has been a disaster. Originally developed by Human Head, this sci-fi title made a lot of gamers wonder whether current-gen consoles were capable of running a game like that.
Prey 2 was rumored to be cancelled back in March 2012. Bethesda released an official statement in April 2012, stating that the game was put on hold as the ‘game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet our quality standards.
Bethesda has not revealed anything about Prey 2 this entire year, despite some hints we got from Steam’s registry.
Let’s hope that the publisher will give us something in this year’s E3!