Deadpool, Mortal Kombat, Strider, KOF XIII, Prey 2 Steam Achievements Leaked – PES 2013 On Steam

Mortal Kombat
And we’ve got a Steam overload today for all of you. It seems that a lot of Steam Achievements have been leaked, and among those titles we can find Deadpool, The King of Fighters XIII, Mortal Kombat (which is rumored to be coming to our platform, yet Ed Boon has not replied yet on our comment about it), the new Strider game and… wait for it… Prey 2.
In addition, Konami’s soccer, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is coming to Steam and will be released on May 19th (Ninja Edit: has already been released… two minutes ago our region was updated. Fun times), and comes with a 10% discount.
You can find the Steam achievements for the aforementioned games in the following links. As always, take it with a grain of salt, however it’s really weird that these things pop up out of nowhere, constantly. Not only that, but all those are hidden as ‘ValveTestApp’ games/applications. In Prey 2’s case, however, we can clearly see that it does mention Prey 2’s hub.
Let’s hope that we’ll hear more news about them in the coming months. And did those achievements spoiled a Prey 2 surprise during this year’s E3? Sounds possible, and we can’t wait to see whether Bethesda will re-reveal its title for – possibly – the next-generation platforms.
Mortal Kombat
Prey 2
The King Of Fighters XIII