Remedy’s Same Lake Would Love To See Quantum Break On PC, Confirms Alan Wake 2

In an interview with GameInformer, Remedy’s Sam Lake confirmed that Alan Wake 2 is coming. Although Sam did not reveal much, he did say that we will be able to play Alan Wake 2 someday. On which platforms and when will that happen? Only Remedy knows, however we’re almost certain that it will come first on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Sam Lake also said that he’d hope to see someday Quantum Break on the PC. Given the fact that this is a game published by Microsoft, we don’t expect to see this title anytime soon on our platform. After all, this is one of the big games that Microsoft has prepared for Xbox One; a killer app.

Sam Lake also said that his favourite game is Half Life 2, but that’s irrelevant, right?

Anyway, Game Informer asked Sam Lake more questions so be sure to check out his answers at their website.