Remedy: Finished the SLI fixes for Alan Wake PC, working on 3D Vision

Nvidia users have been waiting patiently for a working SLI profile of Alan Wake PC. It took Remedy a while, but they have finally finished the SLI fixes for the game. Although the company had previously┬ástated that they would release the fixes the moment they were completed, Remedy’s co-founder Sami Vanhatalo said that they have to wait first for the next driver update of Nvidia (that will include an SLI profile for the game). After that, Remedy will release the fixes via a Steam update.
Sami has also revealed that Remedy is now working on the 3D Vision support of Alan Wake PC. There were a lot of problems with Alan Wake’s stereoscopic 3D effects, and there was a lot of ghosting (double-images) with high amounts of depth or convergence. Remedy is currently proceeding and getting things like volumetric effects and some of the shadow issues solved, so hopefully all┬áthose 3D Vision issues will be resolved soon enough.
For the time being, Nvidia users can use the following guide to test SLI in this current version of Alan Wake PC:
1) Add -beta AWBeta (case sensitive) to Steam client shortcut and restart Steam
2) Download the v1.03 update for Alan Wake
3) Backup steamapps\common\alan wake\alanwake.exe
4) Rename alanwake.exe to AFR-FriendlyD3D.exe
5) Create a shortcut to AFR-FriendlyD3D.exe and add -gpucount=2 command line parameter – start game with the shortcut