Anteworld is the game that will be powered by the amazing Outerra Engine

A couple of days ago, we informed you about the impressive Outerra Tech Demo. Well, it’s time now to reveal the game that will most probably be powered by this jaw-dropping procedural engine. So, the game that will be powered by Outerra will be called Anteworld and it will be a world-building game on a massive true-to-life scale of our planet.
Returning aboard an interstellar colonizer ship built in the Golden Age of Mankind, players arrive on the planet earth to discover civilization and humanity vanished. They will have to rebuild the civilization – exploring, fighting, and competing for resources while searching for clues to the disappearance of humanity.
The game will contain several modes, the basic one will be a single-player game but with player-built locations being synchronized and replicated between clients. That means player can settle in a free location of his choice where he can build and play, and when he goes exploring he’ll be able to observe and visit other sites where other players are building their world.
There’s going to be also a multiplayer mode for gaming in the existing world.Sim-connect mode should allow to use Anteworld as an image generator for another simulation program.In fact, Anteworld is meant to create the basis for an Outerra game/sim platform, allowing to create mods and new game modules that would run on the existing backend.
Sounds really interesting. However, will the team be able to deliver on their promises? That remains to be seen. Enjoy the following video from the Outerra tech demo!
Outerra Anteworld - Default scenery: Dacheng Temple (Pico)