Oxide Games, AMD, and NVIDIA will Present at GDC 2014 the Nitrous Engine and the Future of Real-time Graphics

Oxide Games has announced that it will be partnering with AMD and NVIDIA to examine the future of video games. During GDC 2014, Oxide Games will offer two presentations. The first talk will explain how to get the best use out of AMD’s Mantle API, with explanations of how the Nitrous engine achieves its goals while the second discussion with NVIDIA will explain how modern multi-core CPUs and GPUs open up new ways of designing games for the latest generation of consoles and PCs.

Oxide’s groundbreaking Nitrous engine is said to bring game development into a new era with its film-like approach to rendering technology and unprecedented multi-core performance, which among other advantages allows games to present thousands of fully rendered units onscreen at once.

The Nitrous engine is already being used in the active development of three games published by Stardock: Oxide’s unannounced title, the first title from Soren Johnson’s Mohawk Games, and the upcoming Star Control reboot from Stardock.

It will be interesting to see what Oxide Games and Nvidia have to say, and whether the former will convince the later to take advantage of – or at least consider using – Mantle.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!