Vector Thrust Announced – New Arcade Flight Game with Cell-Shaded Visuals

Iceberg Interactive TimeSymmetry officially announced today their arcade flight game with simulation elements called Vector Thrust. Vector Trust is coming Q2 this year to PC on Steam and is described as a fast-paced, cel-shaded, combat flying game that offers an extensive variety of game modes to choose from, with quick, action-oriented instant play, and the option to experience a deep, story-based campaign.

Iceberg Interactive CEO, Erik Schreuder, said:

“Fans of classic arcade and combat flight games are sure to fall in love with Vector Thrust. TimeSymmetry is the perfect example of a small, one-man team following its own passionate vision. And it has done an excellent job creating an all new flight combat experience, delivering the added ability for users to create their own content – and more.”

According to its press release, Vector Thrust promises to deliver a huge array of aircraft from which choose, as well as tactical, intelligent AI to combat, where every unit works to complete its mission in a dynamic, ever-changing battlefield that is never played the same way twice.

This sounds like mumbo jumbo to me as Iceberg is trying to hype its game, but hey – let’s give them the benefit of doubt. And while the game does not sport the best visuals we’ve seen in flight combat titles, it will at least be open to mods. That’s a plus.

Here are the key gameplay features for Vector Thrust:

· Perfect balance between realistic models and celshaded graphics. Each aircraft is faithfully recreated with a highly tactical and deep flight behavior while at the same time it still remains playable for even the most inexperienced players.
· Experience the immersive story-based Campaign in a unique world context or jump right into the action in the Quick Action mode.
· Fly an extensive collection of more than 200 aircraft, ranging from real-world models to unusual and rare prototypes, all of them recreated with precision and emphasizing their unique characteristics.
· Test your abilities with every aircraft in Challenge mode, or battle for the high score in Arcade mode.
· Quickly customize your own battles with skirmish mode, or create your dream operation to the finest detail with the mission editor.
· Confront other players online with a competitive Multiplayer mode which includes wide variety of game modes to prove who is King of the Skies.
· Expand the original game with user mode custom content and customize and change the flavor of your game with an extensive variety of mutations.

Enjoy its first screenshots!