Space Engineers Has Sold Over 250K Copies, Version 01.019.010 Now Available

Keen Software has announced that Space Engineers has sold over 250,000 copies – in four months – and steadily keeps in the top places at the Steam Top Sellers. In addition, the company released a new update for it that implements the synchronization of inventory in Multiplayer, adds the name tag above the player’s character and many other new features and fixes.

Marek Rosa, CEO of Keen Software House, said:

“We want to thank everyone who keeps contributing to the development of Space Engineers by publishing their creations on Steam Workshop and YouTube and also sending us valuable feedback and ideas. Space Engineers is about its community!”

Here are the key features of Space Engineers’ latest update:

– inventory synchronization in Multiplayer
– player’s name tag above character (will be replaced later by correct radio visibility with ID)
– game option: disable headbob
– added more space in G screen for modders
– added more sounds
– asteroids are now visible from a larger distance

– fixed door animation (instant closing in some cases)
– fixed shadow stripes visible with some FOV settings
– fixed sound fade-out for looping sounds

Space Engineers - Player's name tag, Disable headbob, Synchronization of inventory in Multiplayer