Nioh: Complete Edition – Second update significantly improves performance when Shadows are set on High

Call us impressed as Team Ninja has released the second update for Nioh: Complete Edition. This is mainly a performance patch for the PC version of Nioh, and addresses the huge performance hit that most PC gamers witnessed when setting the “Shadows” setting on High.

This patch also comes with various fixes for some bugs. However, the key feature here is the performance boost. Therefore, owners of weaker PC systems will now be able to run the game with higher framerates with High Shadows.

Unfortunately, Team Ninja has not implemented yet any mouse support or the ability to remap the keyboard keys. As such, PC gamers will have to keep using GPDSCK in case they want to experience Nioh with mouse+keyboard.

But anyway, Steam will auto-download this patch the next time you launch its client, and you can read its complete changelog below.

Nioh: Complete Edition – Patch #2 Release Notes:

  • Fixed an issue in which changing the “Matching Area” in online settings to “Unlimited” would still result in being limited to your own area.
  • Fixed an issue in which an error would occur while saving data if there was no C drive.
  • Improved performance when the “Shadows” option is set to “High Quality” in the graphics settings.