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Industry insider dismisses the latest Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster rumors

Some new rumors regarding a possible remaster/remake of Mass Effect Trilogy surfaced last week. However, industry insider “Shinobi602” dismissed them, claiming that they are as fake as they can get.

Let’s take things from the beginning though. Last week, Reddit’s user aspiretobegood, who claimed to be a Q&A tester at EA/BioWare, shared some details about the rumored Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster. According those rumors, EA would be bringing all games to the Frostbite Engine. Moreover, the publisher would be making major gameplay changes to the first Mass Effect game.

Now here is the first red flag. Even though EA has not announced any plans for a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster, it’s unlikely too these games on Frostbite Engine. BioWare encounter major difficulties while developing Mass Effect Andromeda and Dragon Age Inquisition. Not only that, but the team is busy with both Anthem 2.0 and the new Dragon Age game. So yeah, right from the start, this sounded like a wishful thinking and nothing more.

The Redditor also listed some other details, like changes to planet exploration, Galaxy Map and Galaxy Exploration in the first Mass Effect game, restoration of cut content and more. Still, and as Shinobi602 claimed, these rumors are fake so you should not believe them. We immediately though the same thing, which is why we hadn’t reported on them.

Some people suggested that EA would announce this remaster at its EA Play 2020 event. However, and as we all know by now, the publisher did not reveal such a thing.

Lastly, and as we’ve already reported, PC gamers can already enjoy remasters of the first three Mass Effect games thanks to some truly amazing mods!