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Bioware teases Dragon Age 4 reveal for December 4th [UPDATE]

Bioware has teased a possible official reveal for Dragon Age 4. Although the team did not reveal any specific details, it tweeted that it will join the Dragon Age community party on December 4th. Furthermore, Bioware ended its tweet with “Dragon 4ge”, clearly hinting at the fourth part of the franchise.

Back in December 2018, and during the VGA show, Bioware released a teaser trailer for the next Dragon Age game. Since then, the company has not released any concept art, screenshot or trailer for Dragon Age 4. After all, and as we reported back in 2018, the game was in a really early stage.

My guess is that Bioware may reveal another CG trailer for Dragon Age 4. I’m merely guessing here so take it with a grain of salt. Still, I’ll be really surprised if we actually get an in-engine trailer. That is of course if the trailer is not another “smokes and mirrors” trailer like the E3 trailer for Anthem.

But anyway, there is nothing more to add at this point. According to rumours, Dragon Age 4 had a troubled development cycle (however these are rumours and nothing more).

Stay tuned for more!


As pointed out by our reader Dais, Dragon 4ge may be referring to the date of the event (December 4th) and not to Dragon Age 4.