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Electronic Arts teases next-gen games from DICE, Bioware & Criterion

Electronic Arts has shared a new video in which it teases the next-gen games from DICE, Bioware, Criterion and EA Motive. This video will give you a glimpse at what these teams aim to accomplish on next-generation platforms.

From what we can see, DICE is working on the next-gen Battlefield game. On the other hand, Criterion Games is working on a next-gen Need for Speed game.

However, it’s a bit of mystery what Bioware’s game actually is. We know that the team is working on both Anthem 2.0 and the next Dragon Age game. If I had to guess, I’d say that we’re looking at Dragon Age.

Unfortunately, these EA next-gen games are still in a very early stage. As such, they will not really impress you. Criterion’s Need for Speed appears to have some amazing vehicles, and the Battlefield character looks absolutely stunning. But yeah, other than that, there is nothing noteworthy here.

EA also claims that its next-gen games will load a lot faster on next-gen hardware. Thus, it will be interesting to see whether their PC versions will finally take advantage of SSDs, and how they will work on HDDs.