Alien Isolation Xenomorph screenshots

This Alien Isolation mod improves the AI of the Xenomorph

Mr_Koroshiya has released a pretty cool mod for the latest horror survival Alien game, Alien Isolation. This mod aims to improve and fix the AI of the Xenomorph in order to provide a more organic experience.

As the modder noted:

“The focus of the mod was to make the Alien slightly less unfair, able to surprise you in more diverse ways, and omnipresent but still not all-knowing while creating situations as tense as before! As you can guess, this mod, as it is tweaking an AI (with its randomness) and doesn’t change parameters drastically, is very difficult to test.”

Going into more details, the Alien is now attracted by player-accessible vents. Moreover, the Xenomorph now naturally searches in a bigger radius around the player. Furthermore, the Alien, when thinking a prey is there, will abandon its intuition quicker if nothing confirms it.

Additionally, the Alien will search the player actively (out of the vents) more often. Not only that, but the Xenomorph, when in the ceiling vents, will search in a slightly bigger radius around the player. Lastly, when the Alien is in the ceiling vents, it will pause more often to listen for potential preys.

Overall, this sounds like a really cool and interesting mod that aims to enhance the overall gaming experience. So yeah, make sure to download this AI mod for Alien Isolation from here.

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Have fun!