Icewind Dale gets modded to the Temple of Elemental Evil, beta version available for download

Circle of Eight’s forum member ‘Allyx’ and a team is currently working on bringing the original Icewind Dale game to Temple of Elemental Evil. Contrary to other projects, this will simply be a total conversion mod that will be using assets directly from the original Icewind Dale game.

The main goal behind this total conversion mod is to bring Icewind Dale to a newer game engine. Icewind Dale is powered by the Infinity Engine, while Temple of Elemental Evil (which was released in 2003) is powered by the Steam Engine (modified version of the Arcanum Engine).

Alyx has just released a demo version of the Icewind Dale total conversion mod for Temple of the Elemental Evil. This mod requires installations of both ToEE and Icewind Dale, as well as the Co8 modpack (mostly for the Temple Frontend) to activate.

Those interested can download the demo from here.

And here is how you can install it:

  • Install The Temple of Elemental Evil (not in a “program files” folder).
  • Install ToEE official patches 1 & 2 (not patch 3. GoG versions need not apply any official patches as they come preinstalled).
  • Install Co8 8.1.0 modpack (NC or Standard – doesn’t matter which)
  • Install Icewind Dale.
  • Extract the Icewind Dale modpack zipped file to your ToEE installation folder.
  • Run TFE-X.exe, select Icewind Dale from the modules list and click activate. (a current error means you may need to force close and repeat the activation process – it should work second time around), locate your IWD installation folder.
  • (Optional) activate the Icewind dale portrait pack in TFE-X.
  • Download the IWD Demo Patch from the post below this and extract it to your ToEE root folder.
  • Activate the IWD Demo Patch Add-On in TFE-X.
  • Launch the game.

Have fun!