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Steam Sets New Record for Concurrent Users – Over 14 Million Steam Users Online Simultaneously

Today, Steam set a new record for concurrent users. As we can see, there were 14,370,167 Steam users online a couple of hours ago. And to be honest, it took Steam a while to reach that milestone. After all, back in November 2015, we reported Steam reaching 13 million Steam users online simultaneously.

In other words, it took Steam more than a year to hit 14 million Steam users being online at the same time, something that did not happen even during Steam’s Winter Sale 2016 event.

According to Steam’s graphs, DOTA 2 was the most played game today as it peaked at 901,129 gamers. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes second, followed by Grand Theft Auto V and Football Manager 2017. ARK: Survival Evolved is in fifth place, followed by Team Fortress 2, Rocket League, RUST, Garry’s Mod and Civilization V.