Homeworld & Homeworld 2 HD Remakes Confirmed

We don’t know whether we should be happy and excited about this news or not. Gearbox announced at its PAX Australia panel today that it will be releasing HD remakes of both Homeworld and Homeworld 2, as well as their original versions. Yes, we may not get a third part in this space series anytime soon, but we’ll get more Homeworld. Still, we’re a bit worried about this whole ‘HD remake’ thing.
Gearbox has not clarified whether it will be enhancing the game’s visuals (textures, shaders, ships, etc) or whether it will completely remake these HD remakes from the scratch.
And this is precisely what worries us. Will these remakes be based on newer game engines? Will they manage to retain the atmosphere of their original versions? Will they still look dated – despite the HD treatment? And will Gearbox gets its facts straight (remember Duke Nukem Reloaded and how it was cancelled for being too good? Okay, it was meant to be a freeware title but still, Gearbox pulled the plug on it in order to promote DNF and that sucks) and let enthusiasts explore the idea of this whole ‘HD remake’ thing?
It’s way to early to draw any conclusions, so here is hoping that Gearbox will deliver this time around. Still, after Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever, we’re a bit anxious about these upcoming HD remakes.
Stay tuned for more!