Just Cause 2 – Multiplayer Beta Weekend Is A Go

Just Cause 2 v2
The Just Cause 2 team that is behind the fan-made Multiplayer mode of Avalanche’s title has announced that a new beta weekend is currently under way. This beta session will last until Monday 22nd July (6PM AEST). This test features the FPS fixes that have been in demand, as well as fixes to other problems that were encountered during the 0.0.13 version of this mod.
Those interested can download the client from JC2MP’s official website.
Just Cause 2 MP features a scripting system using the simple but powerful Lua language, with which you can use server-side and client-side scripts to create anything from a spawn menu to entire gamemodes. In addition, this mod comes with a server browser, Steam authentication, and an optimised network streamer that can support thousands of players and vehicles across Panau.
Just Cause 2 Advanced Stunting Montage (HD)