Skyrim Total Conversion – Enderal The Shards of Order – First In-Game Footage Unveiled

Skyrim v7
SureAI Team, the modding team who released “Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge”in 2010, has released the first in-game footage of Enderal The Shards of Order; an upcoming Total Conversion for Skyrim. Nehrim was a stand-alone TC for Oblivion with its own world, story and modified gameplay, offering a total of 80+ hours of gameplay, and Enderal: The Shard’s of Order will be its successor.
Enderal: The Shard’s of Order will feature its own world, lore and characters. It runs completely independent from Skyrim and will feature an overhauled gameplay system, a huge landmass to explore – ranging from peaceful heaths to lush forests, over sandy deserts to snowy mountains – and a mature, thought-provoking plot.
There is no ETA about it yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until we have more news about it, enjoy its debut in-game footage!
Enderal The Shard's of Order Mood Teaser - Skyrim Total Conversion