Half Life 2 Meets Doom In This Spectacular Garry’s Mod Add-On – Released

A couple of days ago, we informed you about a Garry’s Mod add-on that would bring the Doom universe to Half Life 2. Well, we’ve got some good news for you today as this add-on has been released and can be downloaded from here. As its description reads, gmDoom is a partial source port of Doom integrated into Garry’s Mod 13. Assets are loaded from an IWAD, and no binary modules are required. You can find below the add-on’s FAQ, as well as its trailer!
gmDoom FAQ:
Q: Why are there pink and black boxes everywhere?!
A: You didn’t install a DOOM IWAD, or you have installed it incorrectly. Please refer to the installation guide above.
Q: My framerate is really bad when I start a map! What’s wrong?
A: The game will slow down a bit for the first few seconds of a map. This is because graphics are being loaded from the DOOM IWAD. The maximum length of time per frame the game will spend trying to load textures is controlled with doom_cl_texwrite_timeout in the console. I’ll be looking for ways to speed this up.
Q: I see black squares after starting the map! What’s wrong?
A: Some of the textures haven’t loaded yet. They should be fine in a few seconds.
Q: The textures were fine, but something caused them to turn into black squares again! What do I do?
A: You can rebuild the textures with doom_cl_rebuild_textures in the console. If I can find a way to detect when this happens, I’ll have a solution that fixes this automatically.
Q: Everything is invisible! I can’t see any monsters or weapons, and the HUD doesn’t work either! What gives?
A: This happens when running Garry’s Mod in DirectX 8. You will need to run Garry’s Mod in DirectX 9 or higher for this addon to work correctly. I’ll try to find a fix, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get it working.
Q: What is an IWAD?
A: An IWAD is a file containing all of the DOOM assets ( sprites, textures, sounds, music, maps, etc. ).
Q: Why do I have to install a stupid IWAD? Why can you just include the assets in the addon!?
A: It’s not legal for me to redistribute the game assets.
Q: How do I enable the DOOM HUD?
A: You can turn the DOOM HUD on and off with doom_cl_hud 1/0 in the console.
Q: How do I view the automap?
A: You can turn the automap on and off with doom_cl_map 1/0. The automap will not appear if you have not picked up the Computer Area Map item. The first time you turn on the map during a session, it may cause your game to freeze for a moment while it generates.
Q: How do I become Doomguy?
A: Doomguy is not ready yet.