Unreal Engine 4 – Infiltrator – GDC 2013 Tech Demo – Running In Real-Time On A Single GTX 680

Unreal Engine 4 v3
A couple of days ago, we presented you a teaser trailer from an upcoming GDC 2013 trailer of Unreal Engine 4. Today, we bring you its full-length GDC 2013 tech demo in all its glory. As with the Samaritan demo, this new tech demo shows the potential of Epic’s latest game engine and does not represent a game that is currently under development. In other words, don’t expect a sci-fi game from Epic. Nevertheless, the demo looks really cool so go ahead and give it a go.
Epic Games’ Mark Rein has also shared some new details about this tech demo. According to Mark, the Infiltrator Tech Demo is running on a single GTX 680. Not only that, but this was a real-time demo and not a pre-rendered one. Epic Games is showcasing this tech demo live today, and they’ll be able to switch rendering mode to wireframe, unlit & shader complexity in order to prove that this is running in real-time.
Nvidia, on the other hand, has shared the following technical information about the Infiltrator demo:
-New material layering system, which provides unprecedented detail on characters and objects
-Dynamically lit particles, which can emit and receive light
-High-quality temporal anti-aliasing, eliminating jagged edges and temporal aliasing
-Thousands of dynamic lights with tiled deferred shading
-Adaptive detail levels with artist-programmable tessellation and displacement
-Millions of particles colliding with the environment using GPU simulation
-Realistic destructibles, such as walls and floors
-Physically based materials, lighting and shading
-Full-scene High Dynamic Range reflections with support for varying glossiness
-Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) profiles for realistic lighting distributions
UE4 Infiltrator Real-Time Demo | Unreal Engine