GRID 2 won’t feature a cockpit view – Codemasters claims that only the 5% of racing gamers use it

I tell you, this is a bad start for a new racing game. A couple of hours ago we informed you about Codemasters’ upcoming sequel to GRID. Awesome news, right? Well, get ready to be disappointed as Codemasters confirmed that there won’t be any cockpit view in GRID 2. Yeap, a racing game without a cockpit view. What’s also funny is that Codemasters believes that only the 5% of racing gamers use that view while playing their games. Hilarious.
This was revealed in GameTrailers’ interview with Clive Moody, executive producer of GRID 2. You can view the interview below and Moody talks about the cockpit view around the 3:23 markpoint. As Moody said:
“So, we made some bold decisions based on player feedback and some of the data we have access to and cockpit view is no exception to that. And yet we tried but we are dropping that view from this version of the game.”
Moody continued:
“A couple of key┬áreasons behind it: The first is, you know, what our data tells us is actually very very few gamers actually using that view. It’s in the region of 5%. One of twenty people actually choose to use the cockpit view.”
Moody concluded:
“To implement a cockpit view is a huge amount of resource from our point of view, it’s a big time investment, it’s a big cost investment, and when we’ve looked at this – and thought as well – we could take that time, we could take that investment and actually, we could turn it into something that every single player’s going to be benefit from.”
So there you have it racing fans. Apparently you are the minority using a cockpit view. This also means that you can kiss goodbye to the sim part of GRID 2 (or its semi-sim part) as most sim racing fans know that you can’t race without using the cockpit view in a sim racing game. Let’s hope at least that it will be a fun arcade game!
Grid 2 - Reveal Interview