Grand Theft Auto V – Rockstar Played PC Gamers for Fools, Leaked Log Info Was Legit in Every Aspect

Well, you gotta love Rockstar. While GTA V will be released in two days, some interesting new information arose. What’s also amazing is that the earlier rumors surrounding Rockstar’s open world title were legit all along. Not only that, but it’s made clear that Rockstar did not need PC gamers to show interest for GTA V as it had plans for a PC version from the get-go, something that basically contradicts the company’s earlier statements/stance.

In an interview with PCGamer, Rockstar claimed that it was always going to bring GTA 5 to PC.

“We planned from day 1 for a PC build and we made technical decisions based off the fact that we would be doing a PC version of the game. While we started development of the PC version quite early, we decided to focus the bulk of our attention on the PS3 and XB360 versions first in order to push that as far as we possibly could.”

Now this is really interesting, because it clearly shows that Rockstar played PC gamers for fools. Back in October 2012, Rockstar claimed that it had no plans for a PC version of GTA V.

“For those asking about the PC platform, we’re currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and don’t have any details to share about a PC version at this time.”

Not only that, but in November 2012, Rockstar’s Vice President, Dan Houser, told IGN that the PC and WiiU versions of GTA V are up for consideration.

Up for consideration? Really now? When the team was already working on the PC version? And when the team was planning to bring the game to the PC from day1?

These events clearly show that Rockstar was doing its best to promote the old-gen versions of GTA V, which is precisely why they hid the fact that the PC version of the game was planned from the get-go.

Furthermore, it appears that the leaked log file was 100% accurate. Back in September 2013, we reported that GTA V would support both DX11 and 64-bit operating systems. It was pretty much clear that Rockstar was experimenting with the PC version, something that was confirmed by Rockstar itself in its interview with PCGamer.

“The process of bringing GTA 5 to PC was most similar to our last PC title, Max Payne 3. Our process of bringing titles to PC has evolved over the years. We knew that we would eventually create a PC version so early development was done in parallel with the console versions. In fact, some of the early preparations we made for PC, like 64 bit & DX11 support, paid off very handsomely when the PS4 and Xbox One architectures were announced.”

It’s also confirmed that the team behind GTA V PC was also responsible for Max Payne 3. Back in December 2014, we reported that the team behind Max Payne 3 was handling GTA V. Not only that, but back then Rockstar’s dev claimed that the PC version was already running with 60fps, something that hinted at a very polished product. And given Rockstar’s latest statements about the game’s performance, we can safely saw that those statements were legit after all.

All in all, it’s good looking back at all those GTA V PC rumors, especially when most of them are proved to be true. It also shows that we were right all along when we were saying that Rockstar would release the game on the PC. It also shows Rockstar’s attempts to hide the PC version in order to promote the console versions, something we all – pretty much – knew was happening.

GTA V releases on the PC on April 14th!