Rockstar states that GTA V PC is up for consideration, PC gamers launch a petition to show interest

PC gamers are a bit bitter with Rockstar’s attitude toward them. Even though we all know that GTA V will come – some day – to the PC, Rockstar’s Vice President, Dan Houser, told IGN that the PC and WiiU versions of GTA V are up for consideration. That put off a lot of PC gamers, who now believe that GTA V will follow RDR’s route and won’t be ported to their beloved platform.
Therefore, and in order to show Rockstar their interest, a petition for GTA V PC has been launched. The petition currently has 8.877 supporters and aims to gather 100.000 signatures. It has a long way until then though, and that’s precisely why are backing it up.
Those interested can sign the petition here.
Even if the petition doesn’t hit its goal, we’re pretty sure that Rockstar will release GTA V on the PC. Rockstar is obviously trying to hype the console versions, and that’s why they are not announcing the PC version. From a business viewpoint, this is clever strategy as a lot of gamers will be ‘forced’ to get the console version first.
Now we know that some gamers afraid that GTA V may share RDR’s fate. However, let us remind that the Red Dead series has always been focused on consoles. Red Dead Redemption is basically the second part of the Red Dead series. Its first part, called Red Dead Revolver, was released exclusively on PS2 and Xbox. Yeap, there wasn’t any PC version of it, yet every other game from Rockstar found its way on the PC.
A couple of days ago, a magazine advert by Dutch and Belgium game retailer, Game Mania, suggested that GTA V would be coming to the PC. However, this could very well be a placeholder. What was that you whispered? There are not placeholders in magazines? Tell that to Duke Nukem Forever which had a 2000 release in an old issue of PC Gamer.
But anyway, in our opinion there is no real reason to worry guys. Rockstar will release GTA V on the PC after a couple of months. Still, signing up the petition wouldn’t hurt anyone, so go ahead and do so.
Special thanks to our reader Corrie Botha for informing us about it!