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Rumor: GTA V Already Runs At 60FPS On The PC, “Max Payne 3” Team Handling The PC Version

Let’s all admit one thing: GTA IV was an unoptimized mess, a performance hog title, and a game that was easily described as one of the most unoptimized games of 2008. Sure thing, Rockstar’s open world game runs better today – thanks mainly to new CPU processors – but its multi-core CPU support is still quite… laughable. Which really made everyone wonder whether the upcoming PC version of GTA V would suffer from such ‘porting’ issues. Well, apparently GTA V PC is shaping up just fine as it already runs at 60FPS on the PC.

As our dear friends over at Alt-Tab reported, the PC version already runs at 60FPS on the PC according to a Rockstar developer that worked on GTA V’s online mode for all the current-gen platforms.

Unfortunately, the developer did not reveal the specs of Rockstar’s testing machines. Still, let’s not forget that GTA IV had major performance issues even at the top-of-the-line PCs at its time of release.

Moreover, the developer claimed that the team responsible for the PC version of GTA V is no other than the one responsible for Max Payne 3 PC. The PC version of Max Payne 3 was phenomenal, and is described by everyone as one of the best PC versions of any game in recent years. Therefore, it’s good to know that the very same team is bringing us GTA V.

Question now is whether the PC version of GTA V will feature any specific PC features (like higher resolution textures or any NVIDIA/AMD specific graphics options).

GTA V releases early next year on the PC.

Naturally, we are marking this news as a rumor since there hasn’t been any official confirmation from Rockstar.