GetGamesGo offers the entire Deus Ex franchise with a 70% discount until January 30th

Okay guys, there is no excuse at all now in not getting Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Why you ask? But because GetGamesGo is offering the entire Deus Ex franchise with a 70% discount. This basically means that Deus Ex: Human Revolution will only cost you 14.99 euros (or 18.28 with its DLC), while the first classic Deus Ex game is now priced at 3.49 euros. Seriously now, this is one of those offers that you should not skip by. So go ahead and get them, now.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of the best 2011 games and was featured in our Top10 PC Optimized Games. Nixxes Software developed its PC version and looks – and plays – great. Oh, and the game is really awesome.
Enjoy the following fan-made video that mashes up Deus Ex: Human Revolution with the Ghost In The Shell anime!
Ghost in the Shell Human Revolution Trailer [1080p]