New Stronghold 3 Update Released

7sixty and FireFly Studios have released a massive update for their strategy game, Stronghold 3. This new update comes with lots of fixes, a reworked wall system to prevent small sections of wall remaining after deleting walls, resolves various crashes, as well as the addition of Patrol for troops and Barracks’ Assembly Points. The patch will update your game’s version to 1.8.28566 and will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.
Here is the complete changelog for Update 1.8.28566:
-Patrol added – Troops can now be set to patrol between 2 patrol points (see below for more information).
-Barracks Assembly Points added – Individual troop types can now form up at designated assembly points (see below for more information).
-Reworked wall system to prevent small sections of wall remaining after deleting walls (This is fixed for newly placed walls, some pre-placed walls will still have occasional issues).
-Fixed an issue with the walls occasionally causing hoarding/rolling/stairs to change/disappear.
-Fixed an issue involving Woodcutters occasionally getting stuck in the stockpile.
-Fixed the issue with troop’s stance automatically changing to aggressive.
-Fixed a crash related to rain and video memory on the ATI 1950 video card (might have affected other videocards too) in military mission 6, 11 and economic mission 2.
-Fixed an issue with the Lord returning from the dead when loading a save game in Military Mission 15.
-Fixed an issue that made troops invincible in Freelook mode.
-Fixed an issue where projectiles remained in Freelook mode.
-Objects embedded in the wall which was of varying height is no longer too high/low for the wall.
-Several issues resolved with Military Campaign Mission 14 with troops stuck on and in walls.
-Fixed issue when entrances to certain tunnel entrances on towers wouldn’t work.
-When moving troops in formation use single right click to move troops at the same speed (all move at speed of the slowest troop) and double right click to move troops at their default speeds.
-Boiling oil no longer kills your own troops when dropped from the gatehouse.
-Stopped the music from changing when animal invasions or troop reinforcements are triggered. (Affects Military mission 2 in particular.)
-Fixed issue with audio from troops attacking walls (as well as some other sounds) cutting each other off causing audio distortion.
-Fixed an issue with not being able to place walls in multiplayer custom maps & The Deadshore.
-Fixed an out of sync in Multiplayer related to walls.
-Fixed an out of sync related to Knights on Horses attacking.
-Fixed an out of sync in 4 player Multiplayer related to the type of Lord chosen by players 3 and 4.
-Mangonels and other tower siege equipment can no longer attack during peacetime in Multiplayer.
-After loading a save game all the previous missions will now be unlocked in the campaign menu.
-Scores have been fixed for user-created Military based maps.
-Fixed a crash when loading a savegame with fire (thanks to Bob, MK & Kostas for sending us their savegames).
-Various crashes have been fixed.
– Select troops and left-click on the Patrol button in the slide-out command drawer.
– Right-click on terrain or walls to set the patrol destination.
– The troops will march back and forth between their starting position and the patrol destination.

Barracks Assembly Points:
– Select the Barracks, and right-click on a troop build button.
– A rally point banner will appear on the cursor. Place it by right-clicking, or left-click to cancel.
– Troops of that type will now march to the rally point automatically when they are recruited.