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First Command & Conquer Remastered patch resolves stuttering, adds private game lobbies

Petroglyph has released the first patch for Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, that addresses the game’s stuttering issues. Moreover, this patch adds private game lobbies; a feature that a lot of PC gamers have wanted.

Going into more details, this first Command & Conquer Remastered patch fixes the stuttering issues by loading most of the assets prior to playing the game. As a result of that, the loading times may increase on some systems.

As Petroglyph explained:

“Effectively what we ended up having to do was refactor the way textures are loaded by the game and push the majority of that loading before you get into gameplay.  This will have two primary impacts for everyone going forward:

  1. Loading the overall game may take longer than before
  2. Loading the first map may take longer than before

These longer load times would be most seen after a fresh restart of the computer.  While we understand this extra loading time may not be ideal, our testing indicates gameplay performance should be improved across the board, and this felt like a worthwhile tradeoff.”

As said, this patch for Command & Conquered Remastered Collection also adds the ability to host Private Game Lobbies. Moreover, it brings a number of fixes and improvements. For instance, it fixes a memory leak which was causing instability in Multiplayer matches.

As Petroglyph noted, however, this patch may break compatibility with some mods. As of this moment, there are more than 2000 mods for Command & Conquer Remastered. Thus, modders will need to update their mods with the latest code and refresh their mods on the Steam Workshop.

Steam will auto-download this patch for Command & Conquer Remastered Collection the next time you launch it. You can also find its complete changelog here.

Have fun!