Far Cry 4 – Patch 1.6 Released – Reduces Memory Usage, Adds Hotkey To Disable HUD

Ubisoft released last week a new update for the PC version of Far Cry 4. According to its release notes, this patch reduces the memory that the game consumes, adds a hotkey via which PC gamers can toggle on/off the game’s HUD, and fixes various graphic, control, and Crossfire issues. As always, this update will be auto-downloaded from Steam/Uplay, and below you can view its complete changelog.

Far Cry 4 – Patch 1.6 Changelog:

-Added hotkey for toggling the HUD on/off (F11)
-Fixed an issue when the game loaded incorrect save from Uplay Cloud
-Fixed an issue with performance drop for Crossfire Multi-GPU
-Fixed an issue with broken shadows in the northern region
-Fixed various Controls issues
-Fixed various Graphic issues
-Fixed various IGE issues
-Fixed various UI issues
-Fixed various Uplay/Steam issues
-Memory usage reduced