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Dying Light 2 has reportedly sold over 2 million copies on PC

A few days ago, we informed you about Dying Light 2 surpassing one million sales on PC. And, according to the latest data from SteamSpy, Techland’s latest zombie FPS has now surpassed two million copies on Steam.

SteamSpy reports that the game has sold between 2 and 5 million copies on PC. And, to be honest, we are not surprised by these PC sales. After all, the game had a lot of concurrent PC players during its first week.

Now as we’ve already said, SteamSpy only shows estimates for a game’s sales (based on the number of players who own it). Also note that SteamSpy only tracks public profiles, meaning that those with private profiles (that own the game) are not counted. So, theoretically speaking, the actual PC sales may be higher than two million. Nevertheless, the lowest estimate number that SteamSpy presents is always accurate.

DL2 2 million PC sales

Techland has addressed some of the technical issues we’ve reported. For instance, DLSS is now great and we highly recommend using it. However, Techland hasn’t still implemented an Ultra Quality mode for AMD FSR. The good news is that non-RTX GPU owners can easily enable it via our guide.

As we wrote in our PC Performance Analysis, Dying Light 2 can run on a wide range of PC configurations at 1080p. However, and once you start increasing the internal resolution, you may encounter some performance issues. Since DLSS now works properly, we suggest enabling them for gaming at 1440p or 4K. Alternative, you can enable AMD FSR Ultra Quality (which also looks great).

Lastly, you can find here the first mods for this game. These mods improve draw distance, physics, FOV, the game’s gore and more.

Stay tuned for more!