Dragonball Unreal, DBZ fan game in Unreal Engine 4, gets a brand new demo

UPDATE February 19th, 2017: New demo is available from here.

Emudshit has just released a new demo for his fan-made Dragonball game in Unreal Engine 4, Dragonball Unreal. This new demo for Dragonball Unreal features a few of Goku’s forms (although only SSJ4 is fully playable), minor character customization, and only supports the Xbox controller (at least for now).

Players can also spawn a punching bag in order to test an early version of the game’s combat system. All they have to do is press Shift while SSJ4 Goku is in flight mode.

Do note that you can only transform to SSJ4 from SSJ3, and only when you are on the ground.

Those interested can download the demo from here, here or here.

Have fun everyone!