Destiny 2 is free to play this weekend, download and start playing now

Activision and Bungie have launched a free to play weekend for Destiny 2. PC gamers can download from and start playing this MMOFPS right now. This free to play weekend will allow you to experience the entire campaign, every mode, and all the gear and weapons you can earn.

Destiny 2 was one of the most optimized PC games of 2017. Vicarious Visions handled its PC version which looked and ran incredibly well on a variety of PC configurations.

Furthermore, Activision announced that Destiny 2 is the first title released on and is the biggest PC launch in Activision Publishing history.

Truth be told, Bungie and Activision disappointed a lot of Destiny fans with some of their decisions. Not only that, but Bungie was caught using a hidden scaling system and locking content behind paywalls.

But anyway, you can try this game for free now so go ahead and download it if you are remotely interested in it!