Orange Cast is an indie third-person action adventure RPG inspired by the Mass Effect series

Team Rezy is currently working on a new action adventure RPG that is inspired by the Mass Effect series, called Orange Cast. This little gem looks cool – though still rough around the edges – and its development team has released a new gameplay trailer that you can watch below.

Orange Cast is described as an action/RPG atmospheric adventure that is set in a large-scale setting where Soviet and Western science fiction are combined itself.

Here is the official description about the game’s storyline.

“Energy crisis began in the game universe (5 years before the events of the game).. The crisis led to the collapse of a huge number of colonies. In order to stabilize the situation in the galaxy, mankind creates peacekeeping organizations. The goals of such organizations are to restrain the ambitions of corporations and aggressive groups in places where the armed forces are not able to be present at this time.

The Atrium Gate system is located on the edge of the galaxy. For this reason, all the colonies presented here are either small, or decayed and abandoned. Here, on the planet-colony of Sion, an attack is carried out by an unknown organization. The fleet of peacekeepers, inferior to the enemy number, is forced to retreat and regroup.”

In Orange Cast, players will visit from sandy dry planets to massive space stations. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and there will be a companion system similar to those found in BioWare’s games.

As said, Orange Cast is still rough around the edges. Team Rezy plans to release the game in Q3 2018, however we really hope that the team will further polish the animations. We also don’t expect an epic and cohesive storyline similar to that of Mass Effect. Still, Orange Cast has potential and may well be a really interesting B-tier game. And – perhaps it’s just me but I always liked quality B-tier games such as Singularity or Dark Sector – it’s been a while since we saw a quality B-tier game.


Orange Cast - Summer 2018 Trailer