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This mod for Cyberpunk 2077 adds support for TrackIR

CDPR’s forum member Hreich has released a cool mod/utility that enables TrackIR support in Cyberpunk 2077. Thanks to this utility, PC gamers can use their optical motion tracking game controller in order to look around while walking and while driving.

In order to showcase this mod in action, Hreich released the following video. Surprisingly enough, TrackIR appears to be working great in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely better than most of us were originally expecting.

Cyberpunk2077 - Use Track IR to look around

In order to install and enable this TrackIR mod, you’ll have to follow this guide.

  • activate your favorite track ir profile
  • then, install this utility
  • Start FreePie – open File/New and copy this script:
             #Use Z to toggle on/off [DISABLED:and right mouse to activate head tracking]?
             #(Good for games like Outerra)?
    def update():?
    yaw = trackIR.yaw?
    pitch = trackIR.pitch?deltaYaw =
    deltaPitch = (enabled): #if (enabled and hotkey)?
    mouse.deltaX = deltaYaw*multiply?
    mouse.deltaY = -deltaPitch*multiply?if starting:?
    enabled = False?
    multiply = 20?
    trackIR.update += update?

    #hotkey = mouse.rightButton?
    toggle = keyboard.getPressed(Key.Z)?

    if toggle:?
    enabled = not enabled?

  • Save your script somwhere
  • Under Scripts / select Run
  • Lastly, run the game. When you are in the game, press key “z” to activate head look

Speaking of Cyberpunk 2077 mods, you may also find interesting the Enhanced Controls Mod or the Audio Overhaul Mod. There is also a third-person experimental mod as well as a Realistic Driving Experience mod. Additionally, you can download a weather mod that replaces sunny weather with several other weather types.

Have fun!