Star Wars Battlefront 3 cancelled game

Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy Mod is available for download

Star Wars Battlefront fans, here is something special for you today. The Battlefront III Legacy Mod Team has released Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy; a large-scale conversion mod created for Battlefront 2 that most of you will find interesting.

Going into more details, Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy Mod is using as many recovered assets that are available from the cancelled game Star Wars Battlefront 3 by Free Radical.

This mod includes both eras (Clone Wars and GCW). Additionally, it brings a brand new HUD and interface.

The game modes that are currently available are Orbital Assault, 1&2 Flag, Team DM, Hero Assault and Fighter Squadron. Not only that, but PC gamers can experience “Space to Ground” combat. Players can battle on ground or get into a fighter and travel up to space and fight against their enemy, above the planet surface, there.

The team also plans to release a campaign for both eras in a later version.

In short, this is a must-have mod for all Star Wars Battlefront fans out there.

You can download the Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy Mod from here.

Have fun!

Star Wars Battlefront 3 Legacy Trailer