Crysis 2 Awesomeness – MaLDoHD 4.0 Final Released

Crysis 2 v2
While some of you are enjoying Crysis 3’s MP Beta, some others will be definitely enjoying Crysis 2 with MaLDo’s texture pack. Oh yes, the talented modder has finally released the latest ‘final’ version of his texture pack and as you may have guessed, it looks miles better than what Crytek has officially offered in this second installment of the Crysis series.
MaLDo recommends using the Extreme preset setting of Crysis 2 before installing the mod (and DX11 as all changes have been made for that particular API). With this mod, PC gamers canĀ enable lots of graphical features – such as Reflections, Penumbra Shadows and Particles Shadows – without the need of going into the in-game graphical menu of Crysis 2. In fact, MaLDo does not recommend using the in-game options (once you have installed the mod) as it might break mod’s configuration.
Those interested can download this texture pack from here.
We should also note that you’ll have to start a new campaign (or restart a level from mod menu) as the mod is not compatible with the saves of Crysis 2 vanilla.